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Pilates Day!

Pilates Day!

Today is Pilates Day!

Side kicks

What a wonderful day for all those who are experiencing the many benefits from the best fitness routine the Pilates Method. Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time in terms of physical fitness. Inspired by oriental disciplines he devised his exercises so that all energy and effort originated from the center of the body. He called it the “powerhouse”. I consider my clients and even myself living testimonies of the amazing rewards that we enjoy from this revolutionary method.

What other fitness program can help you with posture, body mechanics, spinal flexibility, breathing and balance? None other than Pilates. As I explain to my new clients it is never too late to embrace this discipline because it offers levels to choose from to suit every person needs and goals. There are not limitations to this program of exercises. I have had great results among people affected with cancer, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, back and neck surgeries.

Start today and experiment the advantages of practicing Pilates regularly. Feel good, rejuvenated and restored after every session.

Empower yourself with Pilates!


The Pilates body

The Pilates method is the only fitness routine that really addresses two main aspects of body training: strengthening and stretching your muscles as you perform different routines. I have seen amazing transformations in my clients bodies throughout the years. When you practice Pilates for at least twice a week you can immediately experience true strength with a lean muscular physique. Pilates bodies are definitely beautiful. Women look sleek, strong without the bulk, with perfect posture that makes them look young at any age. One more great advantage is that you can achieve a flat midsection, because as you exercise you need to keep engaging your core, making you use your entire abdominal wall.
Practice Pilates to enjoy a beautiful balanced body!

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