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Lets firm your thighs and buttocks !

Today I will give you the first exercise of the series of five routines for your thighs and buttocks. These movements target your butt, the back side of your leg and hip. Be careful if you have a sensitive lower back, never force and listen to your body. Pilates exercises are the best for these areas, they will help you achieve a well-defined derriere.
Exercise #1
Reverse frog
1-Lie on your tummy and bring both hands in front of you and rest your forehead on top.
2-Your legs are straight on the floor and slightly apart.
3-Bend both knees and bring your heels together keeping your toes apart.
4-Inhale and squeeze your heels together from your tush, hold for 10 seconds(keep breathing constantly) and then exhale as you release.
5-Do 10 repetitions, always resting in between.
6-Do 3 sets.
1-Do everything the same. As you begin squeezing your heels together, lift both knees off the floor(just a few inches), hold for 10 seconds, feeling the buttocks working, exhale as you release.
2-Do 10 repetitions, resting in between.
3-Do 3 sets.


10 minute abs routine

Today we will target the same muscle group, the obliques. I can assure you that this 5 exercises for your abdominal wall and your core will make the difference in terms of strength and muscle definition. My Pilates clients love this core exercises! Next week I will explain different exercises, I will target the butt and thighs.
Exercise # 5
The Twist.
1-Lie on your back with both knees bent and your feet on the floor. Hands behind your head, supporting your head. Remember to keep your elbows out at all times!
2-Inhale and curl up, just a couple of inches off the floor. You need to keep the tip of your shoulder blades on the floor.
3-From there, pull your stomach and your ribs in, twist your torso to one side and then to the other side. Exhale every time you twist your torso.
4-Rest your back and head down.
5-Do 5 repetitions on each side, alternating sides. Always rest after every repetition.
6-Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

10 minute abs routine

Today we will target the group of muscles called Obliques. If you would like to show a nice and well-defined waist, don’t forget to strengthen these important muscles responsible of the twisting and lateral bending of your torso.
Exercise # 1
1-Lie on your back with your arms open out to your sides, keep your shoulders down and relaxed and your palms down on the floor. Your knees are bent and your feet on the floor. Use a rolled towel under you neck.
2-Pulling your stomach and your ribs in, raise both legs up to the table top position( hips and knees in a 90 degree angle) your feet relaxed.
3-Inhale and begin to roll half way to your right side, then extend and bend both knees.(make sure that you control your torso, don’t go beyond your limits)come back to center, exhale.
4-Repeat the same move in the opposite side, control your torso and shoulders. Inhale,and roll half way to your left, extend and bend your knees. Come back to center, exhale.
5-Lower your legs down to the floor and rest your back.
6-Repeat 10 times, alternating sides. Always rest in between the repetitions.
As soon as you get a stronger mid-section you can skip resting in between the repetitions.

10 minute abs routine

My summer abs workout is the more effective and fun to do, because it targets your entire abdominal wall, and your core muscles( hip flexors,transverse abdominals, obliques and buttocks). Each of these 5 exercises will make your mid-section firm and toned.
Exercise #3 Basic corkscrew.
1-Lie on your back,with a rolled towel under your neck. Bring both hands underneath you hips, so you can control your hips and your lower back.
2-Pull your stomach and your ribs in, flattening your back.
3-Raise both legs up to the ceiling, try to keep your knees as straight as you possibly can.
4-Inhale, and keeping your legs together begin to do small circles in one direction. Do 10 circles, breathing constantly.
5-After you finished 10 circles, begin 10 more in the other direction.
6-Lower both legs down to the floor and rest.

Begin with small circles; you can increase the circles as soon as you feel comfortable. Remember to control your lower back and your hips, they must remain stable and square to the ceiling.

10 minutes Abs routines!

Summer time is here and we need to show a toned and well-defined mid-section. I will teach you how to achieve great abs in only 10 minutes everyday. These exercises are part of my Pilates mat routines, my clients love these effective and easy firmers . Remember,if you want to see results don’t skip a day!
This week I will post one exercise everyday so by the end of the week you will have 5 exercises to blast your abdominals!
Exercise One
1-Lie on your back with your head resting on a rolled towel, your knees bent and your feet on the floor.Keep your arms resting on the floor.
2-Pull your stomach and your ribs in and raise both legs off the floor to table top position (knees and hips in a 90 degree angle) You can bring your hands over your tummy so you can feel your abdominals working.
3-From there, inhale and straighten both legs up to the ceiling, squeezing your thighs and using your abs to keep your back flat on the floor, exhale and come back to the table top position.
4- Repeat the exercise 10 times, do 3 sets (30 in total).Rest in between the sets.
1- Start in the same position,bring both legs to the table top position and move one leg on top of the other.
2-Pull your stomach and your ribs in, inhale and straighten both legs up to the ceiling squeezing your inner thighs together, exhale as you come back to table top.
3-Repeat the exercise 10 reps, do 2 sets with the same side leg. Rest in between the sets.
4-Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg, do 2 sets, 10 reps each.Rest in between the sets.

Age-defying Pilates

Age-defying Pilates

Pilates is the best fitness routine for everyone, but specially for baby boomers! I just had my birthday last week and honestly I feel like I am getting better and better in terms of strength, flexibility, body awareness, coordination and stamina. I feel blessed because this year is my 18th year as a breast cancer survivor. Thanks to my years of stretching, meditation and exercise I have been able to overcome all the negative effects from surgery, chemo and radiation. What really changed my life was the Pilates method. Once I started practicing this age-defying routine I felt completely rejuvenated. I could say that once you start doing Pilates you can’t go back to any other fitness routine.
I feel privileged that all my female clients feel the same way as I do. We all feel totally confident with our bodies and age is not longer an issue!
Pilates for everyone!

Second day at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Sunday morning was a gorgeous day. The weather couldn’t be more perfect, sunny and breeze. The flow of people coming in started way before ten; you could tell how enthusiastic was everyone as they walked by the booths. This day was not different from Saturday. There were times that I had six to eight people in my booth, skimming through the book, asking me questions about stretching and demonstrating how flexible or tight their bodies felt as they tried to touch their toes. I have been a physical therapist for over 30 years, and I have never seen so many people trying to touch their toes in my entire professional life! This is a clear indicator that people respond positively when they are guided and educated correctly. The feedback from everyone was terrific, now they could understand the “power of stretching”. Overall this was a wonderful experience, interacting with so many wonderful human beings and specially helping them to achieve a more productive and healthier life style by stretching correctly everyday!

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