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Pilates Day!

Pilates Day!

Today is Pilates Day!

Side kicks

What a wonderful day for all those who are experiencing the many benefits from the best fitness routine the Pilates Method. Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time in terms of physical fitness. Inspired by oriental disciplines he devised his exercises so that all energy and effort originated from the center of the body. He called it the “powerhouse”. I consider my clients and even myself living testimonies of the amazing rewards that we enjoy from this revolutionary method.

What other fitness program can help you with posture, body mechanics, spinal flexibility, breathing and balance? None other than Pilates. As I explain to my new clients it is never too late to embrace this discipline because it offers levels to choose from to suit every person needs and goals. There are not limitations to this program of exercises. I have had great results among people affected with cancer, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, back and neck surgeries.

Start today and experiment the advantages of practicing Pilates regularly. Feel good, rejuvenated and restored after every session.

Empower yourself with Pilates!


Do you struggle in your daily life activities?

If you think about the most common goals of fitness training, the first ones that will come to your mind would be: weight control and a fit physique. But have you thought about performing your daily life activities without any kind of struggling? Going up and down the stairs, house chores, grocery shopping, going in and out of your car and so on, can be challenging if you have muscular imbalances. Not to mention if you have a stiff and tight body, any movement can trigger a bad pain anywhere in your body, from your neck to your lower back. Pilates addresses your entire body in a way no other fitness routine does, from strengthening to stretching. Burn more fat, tighten and tone and boost your energy with Pilates. Minimize neck and back pain and feel better as you sit all day long.
Begin now to practice this wonderful Method and enjoy a more youthful and pain-free body!

Lets sculpt your thighs and buttocks

Today’s routine targets your core, hips, thighs and your butt. Remember to engage your abdominals at all times and to keep your shoulders and your hips square. This Pilates on the mat exercise is one of my client’s favorites, I hope it will also be your favorite routine!
The Bycicle.
1-Lie on your side using a rolled towel. Your legs should be straight and your feet pointed.
2-Move both legs in front of you, so you can see your toes in front of you. Keep your back straight and move your other arm in front of you, rest your palm down.
3-Raise the top leg to hip level, and bend your knee into your chest.
4-Inhale and begin to move the leg, doing the bicycling movement.Breathe normally.
5-Do 10 repetitions in one direction,then repeat 10 more in the opposite direction.
6-Do 1 or 2 sets in both directions. Always rest in between the sets.

Lets sculpt your thighs and buttocks.

Fitter and slimmer buttocks and thighs are a constant headache for most women. Get motivated and start now with these exercises which will target these important parts of your body.
Wall Pilates exercise.
Wall Sit.
1-Standing with your legs parallel and hip width apart. Keep your feet slightly turn out and your back against the wall. Maintain your heels slightly away from the wall.
2-You need to feel that your entire back is pressing the wall, pull your stomach in and keep your shoulders open.
3-Begin to bend your knees as you slide your back half way down, until your knees are at a ninety degree angle( sitting position ). Hold counting to 60 ( approx 1 minute ). Breathe normally.
4-Come back to the starting position.
5-Repeat 10 times. Do 3 sets.

Lets firm your thighs and buttocks !

Today I will give you the first exercise of the series of five routines for your thighs and buttocks. These movements target your butt, the back side of your leg and hip. Be careful if you have a sensitive lower back, never force and listen to your body. Pilates exercises are the best for these areas, they will help you achieve a well-defined derriere.
Exercise #1
Reverse frog
1-Lie on your tummy and bring both hands in front of you and rest your forehead on top.
2-Your legs are straight on the floor and slightly apart.
3-Bend both knees and bring your heels together keeping your toes apart.
4-Inhale and squeeze your heels together from your tush, hold for 10 seconds(keep breathing constantly) and then exhale as you release.
5-Do 10 repetitions, always resting in between.
6-Do 3 sets.
1-Do everything the same. As you begin squeezing your heels together, lift both knees off the floor(just a few inches), hold for 10 seconds, feeling the buttocks working, exhale as you release.
2-Do 10 repetitions, resting in between.
3-Do 3 sets.

10 minute abs routine

Today we will target the same muscle group, the obliques. I can assure you that this 5 exercises for your abdominal wall and your core will make the difference in terms of strength and muscle definition. My Pilates clients love this core exercises! Next week I will explain different exercises, I will target the butt and thighs.
Exercise # 5
The Twist.
1-Lie on your back with both knees bent and your feet on the floor. Hands behind your head, supporting your head. Remember to keep your elbows out at all times!
2-Inhale and curl up, just a couple of inches off the floor. You need to keep the tip of your shoulder blades on the floor.
3-From there, pull your stomach and your ribs in, twist your torso to one side and then to the other side. Exhale every time you twist your torso.
4-Rest your back and head down.
5-Do 5 repetitions on each side, alternating sides. Always rest after every repetition.
6-Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

10 minute abs routine

My summer abs workout is the more effective and fun to do, because it targets your entire abdominal wall, and your core muscles( hip flexors,transverse abdominals, obliques and buttocks). Each of these 5 exercises will make your mid-section firm and toned.
Exercise #3 Basic corkscrew.
1-Lie on your back,with a rolled towel under your neck. Bring both hands underneath you hips, so you can control your hips and your lower back.
2-Pull your stomach and your ribs in, flattening your back.
3-Raise both legs up to the ceiling, try to keep your knees as straight as you possibly can.
4-Inhale, and keeping your legs together begin to do small circles in one direction. Do 10 circles, breathing constantly.
5-After you finished 10 circles, begin 10 more in the other direction.
6-Lower both legs down to the floor and rest.

Begin with small circles; you can increase the circles as soon as you feel comfortable. Remember to control your lower back and your hips, they must remain stable and square to the ceiling.

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