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Work Out video of the Day: Core Training – Part 3.

Level: intermediate if you roll half way down. More advanced if you roll all the way down. Keep your chin close to your chest, lengthening your neck.

Targets:core muscles, abdominal and back muscles. Also stretches the back side of your thigh and your back.

Reps and sets: do 2 to 3 sets of 10 repetitions in both sides.

Tips: if you have a sensitive tailbone use pads to cushion the area of your back. If you feel any discomfort in your back do not roll back too much, always avoid lower back pain.


Work out video of the Day: Cordination – Pilates

coordination Work Out – Core Strength

Level: basic if you keep your legs half way down, intermediate if you lower your legs at eye level.

Targets:  abdominal wall, core muscles,  legs and arms.

Reps and sets: 4 sets, 5 repetitions each. The first: open and close your legs. The second : tap your heels. The third: criss-cross your legs. The fourth: scissors kicks.

The Pilates body

The Pilates method is the only fitness routine that really addresses two main aspects of body training: strengthening and stretching your muscles as you perform different routines. I have seen amazing transformations in my clients bodies throughout the years. When you practice Pilates for at least twice a week you can immediately experience true strength with a lean muscular physique. Pilates bodies are definitely beautiful. Women look sleek, strong without the bulk, with perfect posture that makes them look young at any age. One more great advantage is that you can achieve a flat midsection, because as you exercise you need to keep engaging your core, making you use your entire abdominal wall.
Practice Pilates to enjoy a beautiful balanced body!

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