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“Can you touch your toes?” at the 2012 Book ExpoAmerica New Title Show

What an exciting opportunity to be part of this great book expo in New York City! Lulu is presenting my book ” Can you touch your toes” which is under the category of health, fitness and exercise. If you are in NYC and if you love to read don’t miss this great occasion to find new exciting titles.

Lulu publishers booth is #3476


What do you do to prevent the bad effects from sitting all day long?

Since computers and remote controls for every item in the house have become part of our lives, we are more sedentary. We sit for at least eight to nine hours everyday. Think about all the activities that you do in the sitting position. Your neck, your shoulders, your lower back, your hips and knees suffer in this position. What can you do to prevent the cascade of muscular-skeletal misalignment? Very simple,take frequent breaks throughout the day,at least every hour and a half. Walk around, move your arms doing circles, move your head from side to side, breathing deeply, do it for at least two minutes. Ideally you should plan a five minutes stretching session at least three times a day, and get yourself a good lumbar support for your car and for your desk chair.
Education and dedication means prevention!

Do you understand how muscle memory works?

Muscle memory is key in any activity that you do, either in common daily activities or in your fitness routines. But what does it mean? Muscle memory is when you train your muscles and your brain to work at unison. It takes focusing in order to build the connection between your brain and your body. Can anyone develop muscle memory? Yes, regardless of your fitness level anyone can achieve the level of concentration that is required to build up muscle memory.Learning by repetitions, reinforcing your concentration in every movement. What are the advantages? As soon as you develop your muscle memory you will function better. Minimizing compensations(unless you have injuries that require the use of different muscles)avoiding or breaking bad habits, preventing injuries, and gaining an overall better performance in your favorite workout routines and sports. Tomorrow I will give you tips on how to create muscle memory through concentration.

Shoulders down to avoid neck and shoulder pain!

Everyone has stiff necks, tight upper backs, and limited shoulders. Why? The answer is very simple. We all carry around our shoulders and neck the everyday stress and tension from our daily life activities. Not to mention all those long hours sitting in front of the computer typing all day long without even taking a decent break. My advice for everyone is very simple: start to be more body aware. The simple practice of being body aware, feeling your body as you drive, work and so on, makes a huge difference. As soon as you start to realize that you are crunching your shoulders and tensing your neck you will allow yourself to relax and bring the shoulders down, releasing the tension from this body area. Practice everyday and begin to feel less neck, back and shoulder pain.

Body awareness and preventing aches and pains

I explained not so long ago about the importance of body awareness and preventing unnecessary aches and pains by simply paying attention on how you use your body. Sitting is one position that we really need to be aware of , because we do almost everything sitting down. I explained my rule of the three 90’s. Meaning that as you sit on a chair your elbows, hips and knees should be at 90 degrees. It is like a natural ergonomic way to watch your posture as you sit and do your tasks. If you keep these joints at this particular angle, you could prevent aches and pains associated with the sitting position. For example, if your elbows are at 90 degrees your shoulders will be down and relaxed, away from your ears. You will not be slouching in front of the computer and your upper back and neck will be aligned. Remind yourself to be aware of your upper body and you will suffer from fewer headaches, neck, shoulders and back pain. Make an effort to get rid of bad habits as you work in front of the computer, it is worth the effort. I am planning to review this week the rest of my rule of the three 90’s.

No more aches and pains, begin to stretch now!

Day after day I see how daily stretching helps all my clients to feel and look better. They even tell me that since they started stretching on a daily basis they are totally addicted with this routine. Honestly, I can’t tell
enough about the wonderful benefits of practicing simple stretches every day. It is addictive, because as soon as you begin stretching and you experience a totally different body free of aches and pains, moving and performing better your daily tasks, you will feel the need to stretch everyday. I will post important stretches that you should do everyday, so begin to educate yourself and to take care of your body with the simple practice of stretching.

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