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How stretching can help reduce pain in patients with chronic low back pain.

Latest studies indicate that stretching can help reduce pain in the lower back in people that suffer from chronic pain in this area. Once more these new studies indicate that when patients practice stretching routines they experiment a substantial decrease in pain and discomfort. 

Two weeks ago I read the news on how stretching the neck helps reduce pain and migraines in 75% which are associated with stiff and tight necks, upper back and shoulders.

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Do you understand how muscle memory works?

Muscle memory is key in any activity that you do, either in common daily activities or in your fitness routines. But what does it mean? Muscle memory is when you train your muscles and your brain to work at unison. It takes focusing in order to build the connection between your brain and your body. Can anyone develop muscle memory? Yes, regardless of your fitness level anyone can achieve the level of concentration that is required to build up muscle memory.Learning by repetitions, reinforcing your concentration in every movement. What are the advantages? As soon as you develop your muscle memory you will function better. Minimizing compensations(unless you have injuries that require the use of different muscles)avoiding or breaking bad habits, preventing injuries, and gaining an overall better performance in your favorite workout routines and sports. Tomorrow I will give you tips on how to create muscle memory through concentration.

Do you struggle in your daily life activities?

If you think about the most common goals of fitness training, the first ones that will come to your mind would be: weight control and a fit physique. But have you thought about performing your daily life activities without any kind of struggling? Going up and down the stairs, house chores, grocery shopping, going in and out of your car and so on, can be challenging if you have muscular imbalances. Not to mention if you have a stiff and tight body, any movement can trigger a bad pain anywhere in your body, from your neck to your lower back. Pilates addresses your entire body in a way no other fitness routine does, from strengthening to stretching. Burn more fat, tighten and tone and boost your energy with Pilates. Minimize neck and back pain and feel better as you sit all day long.
Begin now to practice this wonderful Method and enjoy a more youthful and pain-free body!

Can you touch your toes?

Stand straight with both legs parallel and slightly apart. Raise your arms up to the ceiling and slowly begin to roll down to your toes. Try to avoid bending your knees. Just do what you can without forcing your body. Drop your head down, relaxing your neck. Now feel your back and the back of your legs. Are they tight? How far did you reach? Come back to the standing position; if you feel comfortable repeat two more times. Did you get close to your toes? If the answer is no, it means that you probably have a very stiff back, hamstrings( back of your legs) or even both. This exercise is an eye opener for everyone. In order to be able to prevent back pain and sciatica it is very important to keep your back and hamstrings flexible. Remember that if you already have back issues, do not try this exercise. Always listen to your body, never go beyond your limits.

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

I have been a book lover my entire life. My father used to read 5 to 6 books a month. He used to tell me that a good book is as good as a good friend. So I began to read all kinds of books at a very early age. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, I personally love to read fiction, poetry, real life stories and so on. I am very excited to be one of the exhibitors in the upcoming L.A Times Festival of Books. I wrote my book of stretches to educate people about the importance of stretching on a daily basis. Over the years I have witnessed the power of stretching, and the difference that it makes in people bodies and wellbeing. My booth number is 432, and it will be located at the Health and Wellness area.
See you there!
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Shoulders down to avoid neck and shoulder pain!

Everyone has stiff necks, tight upper backs, and limited shoulders. Why? The answer is very simple. We all carry around our shoulders and neck the everyday stress and tension from our daily life activities. Not to mention all those long hours sitting in front of the computer typing all day long without even taking a decent break. My advice for everyone is very simple: start to be more body aware. The simple practice of being body aware, feeling your body as you drive, work and so on, makes a huge difference. As soon as you start to realize that you are crunching your shoulders and tensing your neck you will allow yourself to relax and bring the shoulders down, releasing the tension from this body area. Practice everyday and begin to feel less neck, back and shoulder pain.

Start to break bad habits now!

Humans are animals of habits. Good and bad habits are part of the human nature. We learn them as we grow and mature throughout the years. Parenting takes an important role in how our children will develop those habits. We are their role models for the good and the bad. As we grow older those bad habits are part of our personality, however it is never too late to begin to break the bad cycle and start a good one. Let me talk today about one that affects your health in so many ways: eating with your eyes instead of eating with your stomach. I am talking about the bad habit of serving huge portions of food. This is specially true when you really like the food or when you are in front of a buffet. How to break this habit? Serve yourself only what your body really needs use a small plate, bowl or cup. At a restaurant share a big portion or bring the rest home. With practice you will immediately see results; but remember that you need to be consistent and determined to see results. Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, back and knee pain are some of the health issues that you can experience by overeating.

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