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“Can you touch your toes?” at the 2012 Book ExpoAmerica New Title Show

What an exciting opportunity to be part of this great book expo in New York City! Lulu is presenting my book ” Can you touch your toes” which is under the category of health, fitness and exercise. If you are in NYC and if you love to read don’t miss this great occasion to find new exciting titles.

Lulu publishers booth is #3476


Why is Jane Fonda my all-time exercise role model?

I was reading the last issue of Newsweek ( August 22 & 29, 2011 ) when on page 42 I had the great surprise of finding a great article on Jane Fonda.  She has been my exercise icon since she started back in the 90’s with her videos, teaching great aerobic  exercises with or without the step. Before her, I used to go to the gym where I had a great personal trainer; I did yoga for the mind and body connection, and I also used to meditate daily. Throughout  the years  I was doing the same fitness routines until I discovered The method! In this interview of Jane Fonda you can see how beautiful she looks, perfect posture and vibrant. She gives brief tips on how to feel, look and enjoy your life after 60.  As a baby-boomer myself I can totally relate to that need of self-reinvention. 

One tip that called my attention: For fitness she recommends The Pilates Method,  I was not surprised because I know that the best bodies at any age are the Pilates bodies. The secret  for a supple and strong body.

She also believes in keeping your entire body flexible.  For her sense of well-being she practices Zen meditation. I never thought that I had so many thing is common with my exercise icon!  I have found the fountain of youth in Pilates and  stretching.  Meditating daily is also a very important part of my day, keeps me centered and balanced. Now, I feel better both physically and mentally than when I was in my thirties and forties. Thank you Jane for inspiring all of us!

First tip for the busy women: start to get the habit of working out.

  1. This first tip is the most important one, because it makes you think about how vital is the habit of exercising. Whenever I feel like skipping my Pilates, cardio or stretching routines, I immediately think about how happy I feel when I don’t have to struggle to put my tight jeans on.  Not only that I have experienced the sense of well-being by exercising,  but I have inspired busy women like me that they are worth the effort to hit the gym. All my clients are busy hard-working women; they had managed to include Pilates in their hectic schedules! When they can’t make it for whatever reason, they re-schedule their sessions. They can’ live without Pilates! 
  2. Things to remember: you need to exercise at least three times a week.  After forty, your metabolism changes so you need to eat less and move more. Strive to achieve your fitness goals!
  3. Never say that you are too old, too tired, too stiff or too out of shape to start exercising! There is always room for improvement, our bodies  always react to exercising and stretching.
  4. Give yourself a chance to become healthier, fitter and happier, repeat this sentence over and over, the message will get to your brain.

Have you tested your balance lately?

The aging process affects not only your external appearance but also your brain function. Balance and coordination diminish as we age. In order to keep your brain alert you need to practice everyday drills to maintain your balance and coordination. How do you train your brain ? I instruct my clients to do simple and easy tasks on one leg always alternating sides. For example: brush your teeth on one leg and switch, brush your hair on one leg and switch,and so on. Another simple exercise is: standing in front of a mirror raising one foot off the ground (either with your leg straight or bent) keeping your back straight and your hips stable. It is very important to understand that balance is the correlation between your brain, your core and your feet. Always begin by paying attention to your feet. If your foot begins to wabble as you are standing on one foot, try to control your foot. Plant your foot on the floor from your toes to your heel, and keep your whole foot grounded. Just by doing this you will keep your balance better. Then pay attention to your core. Keep your stomach in at all times, this will help you keep your back and your hips stable. And last but not least, is to concentrate in keeping everything stable. Focusing on your balance keeps your brain alert and aware. I invite you to begin today to do simple and safe tasks on one foot everyday so you can experience how your balance improves in less time that you can imagine.

Age-defying Pilates

Age-defying Pilates

Pilates is the best fitness routine for everyone, but specially for baby boomers! I just had my birthday last week and honestly I feel like I am getting better and better in terms of strength, flexibility, body awareness, coordination and stamina. I feel blessed because this year is my 18th year as a breast cancer survivor. Thanks to my years of stretching, meditation and exercise I have been able to overcome all the negative effects from surgery, chemo and radiation. What really changed my life was the Pilates method. Once I started practicing this age-defying routine I felt completely rejuvenated. I could say that once you start doing Pilates you can’t go back to any other fitness routine.
I feel privileged that all my female clients feel the same way as I do. We all feel totally confident with our bodies and age is not longer an issue!
Pilates for everyone!

First day at the L.A. Times Festival of books

We got to the U.S.C. campus early morning on Saturday the 30th to be able to unload everything. We did pretty well, in fact in less than an hour we had everything organized and ready. It was a beautiful morning and all the exhibitors were very excited to be at this event. After 10:00 am people started to arrive and you could already feel the energy in the air. The banner hanging in front of my booth had the title of my book: Can you touch your toes? and underneath the title The power of stretching. There are not words to express my amazement as I watch people walking by the booth, stopping and demonstrating if they were capable of touching their toes. Baby boomers, teenagers, children and seniors were determined to show me their level of flexibility. What a great experience! I was able to raise awareness to their fitness level, and men were as motivated as women to give it a try. I love to help people to feel and look better and to educate them in order to prevent aches and pains by the power of stretching. It’s never too late to start!

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