Are we really that rude in Los Angeles?

I live in Los Angeles and I was a little bit shocked but not surprised that Los Angeles made the number one place again as the rudest city in America. L.A. is a megacity with the worst and most unpredictable traffic in the whole county. Just dealing with traffic jams on a daily basis makes you feel at edge. Not to mention the reckless drivers that put everyone at risk of an accident. I learned how to meditate in the mid seventies. Right after my yoga classes, I used to meditate and I was soon hooked with this practice. For me is a very useful tool that helps me deal with stressful situations. I will give away some useful tips on how to beat the traffic stress that makes all us look as rude Angelenos. In the event of someone cutting you off on the 101 freeway do the following: take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for 10 seconds, exhale through your mouth, and repeat for at least five more times. In the meantime take advantage of clearing your mind from negative thoughts, and finally smile. These three simple steps can be used as many times during the day as possible to help you deal with stress as you drive in this one of a kind city.


Getting back to blogging

After taking a break for the holidays and feeling refreshed and renewed I am back to blogging. This year is a very exciting year for my family! My daughter is graduating and moving to Europe for her masters degree, my son is launching his fitness business,  my husband is expanding his business as well and I am planning to commit to my blog and to start writing my new book!  I am loving the Oprah Winfrey new channel! The topics are so interesting and inspiring! I hope that this year will be a great year for everyone, I am looking forward to connect and interact with people who have positive things to say! I will be posting great recipes and my cooking secrets and of course  I will share my simple but beneficial tips on health and fitness!

Strive to achieve a balanced life

How difficult it is to achieve balance in your life! My life long experience in mastering discipline has taught me the importance of finding the not so perfect balance in my life. No one is perfect and I bet no one wants to be perfect. But I have to be honest, if you happen to be disciplined you could have a happier, healthier and more productive life. For example, controlling your portions every time you eat, is better than depriving yourself from foods that you like to eat. In my case, I love food and I love to eat. However, I have been able to keep my same body weight since I was in my twenties. What is my secret? I know when and how to eat during the day. For example, I would eat a small bowl of pasta with a small salad on the side at noon, never at dinner! If I am planning to out for dinner, I would eat very little during the day saving the calories for my dinner time. I will keep writing about my simple but effective secrets on weight management everyday, I will keep you posted, and please feel free to comment.

Managing neck and back pain with the three 90’s

Throughout the years I have taught my patients and clients the importance of body awareness for prevention and  managing common aches and pains. I have a very simple and easy way to explain how the appropiate posture should be while in the seated position. Latest studies show that we sit an average of 8.9 hours a day everyday. I called it Mariela”s rule of the three 90’s. As you sit on a chair pay attention to the following: First, your shoulders need to be away from your ears, down and soft. Second, your elbows need to be at 90 degrees resting on top of  the arm rest. Third, your hips need to be at 90 degrees. Finally, your knees should to be at 90 degrees. Keeping your joints at 90 degrees will help you with your body alignment and your back will have less load keeping the natural curve of your spine.

Dealing with stress

 Managing stress is vital to keep a balance  between our minds and bodies. There are so many factors that affect us on a daily basis that we need to learn how to shield ourselves from all those disturbing agents that throw us off-balance. Simple breathing is one way to make us relax. Working out at the gym, hiking, bike riding or any other activity that let us release the tension from our bodies will benefit us in many ways. Try to be more aware of your level of stress, recognize the symptoms and start today to take care of yourself!
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