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Mariela Carter

My name is Mariela Carter and I am a proud Baby Boomer. One of the main characteristics of this wonderful and amazing generation is the way we see ourselves as we age. For us, age is just a number and a word that we really like is ‘reinvention’. We love to explore and reinvent ourselves, doing new things, traveling, and finding new frontiers – for us, nothing is impossible.

I have been a Physical therapist for more than thirty years. As soon as I moved to the United States, I wanted to add a new discipline to my years of experienced background. Since I already knew the Pilates Method, I decided to take a one-year course to become a certified Pilates instructor. My decision could not have been better. I have always loved helping people and now, by combining all my experience as a physical therapist and a Pilates instructor, my scope of action has expanded. It is thrilling to reinvent myself in ways that enable me to help people, and fight some health issues myself.

Fifteen years ago, my life suddenly changed when I got the news that I had an invasive form of breast cancer. It took me by surprise since I have always had twice yearly check ups that included mammograms. Doctors found cancer cells in what was supposedly a routine removal of a benign tumor, and they also discovered that it had spread to my lymph nodes. I have always been a believer in the power of the mind and positive thoughts, so I started an aggressive fight against cancer with both chemotherapy and radiation treatments simultaneously.

Every day I would meditate at least half an hour to connect my mind and body – all my thoughts were targeted at my future recovery. I cannot fully describe all of the benefits of that mind-body connection – the importance of breathing to relieve tension and calming the spirit, helping me achieve inner focus on the path of my healing process. The doctors told me that I had thirty percent chances of survival, but I defied the odds and so far I have been cancer free! This holistic approach was a key factor in my recovery. It helped me to keep my state of mind in such a way that I never felt depressed, or helpless, and neither my husband nor my two children – ages ten and four – had to suffer through my painful six months of treatments.

Besides my own regular Pilates workouts, I enjoy playing golf at least once a week. Like all sports, you need flexibility and core strength to be at the peak of one’s game. Golf is a challenging sport, but with my Pilates background, the game has become easier. Maintaining a regular Pilates routine helps you prevent the aches and pains in the lower back, hips and shoulders, so you can enjoy more rounds of golf any other activities – free of injury.

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