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Can You Touch Your Toes?
Stretch Your Way To Health,Fitness, And To A Better Life

Can you Touch Your Toes?

My book of stretches is very unique and offers the readers a comprehensive guide of the most important, yet simple stretches that everyone should practice everyday. My vast experience as a physical therapist for more than 30 years and training people in the Pilates Method for more than seven years, allows me to understand the needs of the human anatomy. Helping people with different fitness levels, with or without health concerns, has given me the extraordinary opportunity of designing this special and efficient stretching program for physical improvement.

•Every stretch has its own image.
•All the stretches are explained step by step.
•Offers variations and modifications for people with different health concerns.
•Encourages the reader to be body aware during the stretching exercises.
•Helps the person understand the reason why you have to follow a particular order as you stretch.
•There are two Stretching Guides in which the reader can find the stretch that suits his or her the best.
•Offers the 15-10 or 5 minute Stretching Guide for people that are short on time. •Addresses the needs of all those people that sit all day long in front of the computer or at a desk, with a 10 minute Stretching Guide.
•Explains the importance of good posture and a flexible body. These 6 stretching guides offer the most important and beneficial stretches for the human anatomy regardless of age and fitness level.

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