The average women’s way to stay fit and beautiful.

Working from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, getting home, fixing dinner and taking care of your family is the average routine that most women have on a daily basis. I have heard so many times from my female clients the same complains ” Mariela I don’t have time to commit to exercise, and when I have the time I don’t have the energy to exercise!” I include myself in this group of hard-working women. Some days I am so exhausted that I have to think twice before lying on the Reformer and start my Pilates routines, but once I start, I feel that I am worth the effort! Remember that human beings are trainable. If you train yourself to think that you are important and put your health and well-being first, it will help you start your fitness routines and keep a healthier diet. The benefits are immense, it boosts your self-esteem at every level, either at work or at home. This week I will give you tips on how to start and prioritize your everyday goals.

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