Lets sculpt your thighs and buttocks !

Each of these Pilates exercises will help you tone these very important curves in your body. Remember to be consistent if you want to enjoy a flab free butt and thighs.
Exercise # 2
Scissors kicks
1-Lie on your side, you can rest your head on a rolled towel. Move your other arm in front of you with your palm down on the floor.
2-Both legs need to be together, in one straight line with your torso. You feet should be pointed.
3-Pull your stomach in, keep your shoulders and your hips square, and raise both legs off the floor.
4-Without shifting your hips, begin to kick back and forth as you breathe normally.
5-Kick 10 times, back and forth, and then rest your legs down.
6-Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Rest after each set.

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