Lets firm your thighs and buttocks !

Today I will give you the first exercise of the series of five routines for your thighs and buttocks. These movements target your butt, the back side of your leg and hip. Be careful if you have a sensitive lower back, never force and listen to your body. Pilates exercises are the best for these areas, they will help you achieve a well-defined derriere.
Exercise #1
Reverse frog
1-Lie on your tummy and bring both hands in front of you and rest your forehead on top.
2-Your legs are straight on the floor and slightly apart.
3-Bend both knees and bring your heels together keeping your toes apart.
4-Inhale and squeeze your heels together from your tush, hold for 10 seconds(keep breathing constantly) and then exhale as you release.
5-Do 10 repetitions, always resting in between.
6-Do 3 sets.
1-Do everything the same. As you begin squeezing your heels together, lift both knees off the floor(just a few inches), hold for 10 seconds, feeling the buttocks working, exhale as you release.
2-Do 10 repetitions, resting in between.
3-Do 3 sets.

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