10 minute abs routine

Today we will target the group of muscles called Obliques. If you would like to show a nice and well-defined waist, don’t forget to strengthen these important muscles responsible of the twisting and lateral bending of your torso.
Exercise # 1
1-Lie on your back with your arms open out to your sides, keep your shoulders down and relaxed and your palms down on the floor. Your knees are bent and your feet on the floor. Use a rolled towel under you neck.
2-Pulling your stomach and your ribs in, raise both legs up to the table top position( hips and knees in a 90 degree angle) your feet relaxed.
3-Inhale and begin to roll half way to your right side, then extend and bend both knees.(make sure that you control your torso, don’t go beyond your limits)come back to center, exhale.
4-Repeat the same move in the opposite side, control your torso and shoulders. Inhale,and roll half way to your left, extend and bend your knees. Come back to center, exhale.
5-Lower your legs down to the floor and rest your back.
6-Repeat 10 times, alternating sides. Always rest in between the repetitions.
As soon as you get a stronger mid-section you can skip resting in between the repetitions.

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