10 minute abs routine

My summer abs workout is the more effective and fun to do, because it targets your entire abdominal wall, and your core muscles( hip flexors,transverse abdominals, obliques and buttocks). Each of these 5 exercises will make your mid-section firm and toned.
Exercise #3 Basic corkscrew.
1-Lie on your back,with a rolled towel under your neck. Bring both hands underneath you hips, so you can control your hips and your lower back.
2-Pull your stomach and your ribs in, flattening your back.
3-Raise both legs up to the ceiling, try to keep your knees as straight as you possibly can.
4-Inhale, and keeping your legs together begin to do small circles in one direction. Do 10 circles, breathing constantly.
5-After you finished 10 circles, begin 10 more in the other direction.
6-Lower both legs down to the floor and rest.

Begin with small circles; you can increase the circles as soon as you feel comfortable. Remember to control your lower back and your hips, they must remain stable and square to the ceiling.

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