10 minute Abs routines

Today I will teach you the second exercise of my Pilates mat repertoire. These exercises are very easy and simple to do even for those people who have weak abdominals and core.
Exercise #2:
Curl with leg raises
1-Lie on your back with both knees bent and your feet on the floor. Bring both hands behind your neck and keep your elbows out at all times.
2-Extend your right leg on the floor, keep your leg firm and your foot pointed.
3-Inhale, pull your stomach and your ribs in, curl up and raise the right leg up.
4-Exhale, and lower both your head and your leg down to the floor.
5-Do the same side 10 repetitions, and then switch.
6-Do 3 sets on each side alternating.
Note: Avoid pulling your head into your chest as you curl up,( keep space between your chin and your chest).
Remember to be consistent, don’t skip a day if you want to achieve a beautiful mid-section!

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