Second day at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Sunday morning was a gorgeous day. The weather couldn’t be more perfect, sunny and breeze. The flow of people coming in started way before ten; you could tell how enthusiastic was everyone as they walked by the booths. This day was not different from Saturday. There were times that I had six to eight people in my booth, skimming through the book, asking me questions about stretching and demonstrating how flexible or tight their bodies felt as they tried to touch their toes. I have been a physical therapist for over 30 years, and I have never seen so many people trying to touch their toes in my entire professional life! This is a clear indicator that people respond positively when they are guided and educated correctly. The feedback from everyone was terrific, now they could understand the “power of stretching”. Overall this was a wonderful experience, interacting with so many wonderful human beings and specially helping them to achieve a more productive and healthier life style by stretching correctly everyday!

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