First day at the L.A. Times Festival of books

We got to the U.S.C. campus early morning on Saturday the 30th to be able to unload everything. We did pretty well, in fact in less than an hour we had everything organized and ready. It was a beautiful morning and all the exhibitors were very excited to be at this event. After 10:00 am people started to arrive and you could already feel the energy in the air. The banner hanging in front of my booth had the title of my book: Can you touch your toes? and underneath the title The power of stretching. There are not words to express my amazement as I watch people walking by the booth, stopping and demonstrating if they were capable of touching their toes. Baby boomers, teenagers, children and seniors were determined to show me their level of flexibility. What a great experience! I was able to raise awareness to their fitness level, and men were as motivated as women to give it a try. I love to help people to feel and look better and to educate them in order to prevent aches and pains by the power of stretching. It’s never too late to start!

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