Can you touch your toes?

Stand straight with both legs parallel and slightly apart. Raise your arms up to the ceiling and slowly begin to roll down to your toes. Try to avoid bending your knees. Just do what you can without forcing your body. Drop your head down, relaxing your neck. Now feel your back and the back of your legs. Are they tight? How far did you reach? Come back to the standing position; if you feel comfortable repeat two more times. Did you get close to your toes? If the answer is no, it means that you probably have a very stiff back, hamstrings( back of your legs) or even both. This exercise is an eye opener for everyone. In order to be able to prevent back pain and sciatica it is very important to keep your back and hamstrings flexible. Remember that if you already have back issues, do not try this exercise. Always listen to your body, never go beyond your limits.

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