Start to break bad habits now!

Humans are animals of habits. Good and bad habits are part of the human nature. We learn them as we grow and mature throughout the years. Parenting takes an important role in how our children will develop those habits. We are their role models for the good and the bad. As we grow older those bad habits are part of our personality, however it is never too late to begin to break the bad cycle and start a good one. Let me talk today about one that affects your health in so many ways: eating with your eyes instead of eating with your stomach. I am talking about the bad habit of serving huge portions of food. This is specially true when you really like the food or when you are in front of a buffet. How to break this habit? Serve yourself only what your body really needs use a small plate, bowl or cup. At a restaurant share a big portion or bring the rest home. With practice you will immediately see results; but remember that you need to be consistent and determined to see results. Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, back and knee pain are some of the health issues that you can experience by overeating.

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