The stretch of the week

After watching television for almost the whole Sunday, and enjoying the Super Bowl, I had my hamstrings and my lower back extremely tight. I heard so many people complaining about being stiff from sitting all day long and from getting stressed out as they watched this exciting football game between these two amazing teams. Here, I am giving you a simple but effective stretch for your hamstrings and lower back. Get rid of those aches and pains just by stretching the right way!
Position : sitting on the floor.
1- Sit with your legs straight and together, feet flexed ( toes pointing up ) and hold both arms straight out in front of you at shoulder level.
2- Inhale and bend over from your hips, reaching your arms forward.
3- Hold the stretch and count to 10.
4- Exhale and release the stretch.
5- Repeat five to ten times.

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