The stretch of the week: Hamstring stretch

Today I will begin with the first stretch that you will need to practice at least once a day. The target muscle will be the hamstring. I personally think that this is the muscle that has to be stretched out the most. It is actually three muscles located behind the thighs. It starts under the buttocks and ends behind the knee-joint. If you stretch this muscle correctly, you will immediately feel better. The lack of flexibility behind the thigh affects your lower back, your posture and your body alignment.
Steps to follow:-standing bring one leg on top of a chair, try to keep your leg as straight as possible and your foot relaxed. Keep your other leg straight and a little bit turned out.
-Facing your leg, inhale and begin to bend over from the hips, as you keep your back totally straight. Avoid rounding your spine.
-Count to 10 as you hold the stretch, breathe normally, and release the stretch as you exhale.
– Repeat five to ten times on each side.
I recommend before and after stretching to check out your flexibility by trying to touch your toes with your fingers as you keep your knees straight. Feel the difference after you perform the stretch.

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