Are we really that rude in Los Angeles?

I live in Los Angeles and I was a little bit shocked but not surprised that Los Angeles made the number one place again as the rudest city in America. L.A. is a megacity with the worst and most unpredictable traffic in the whole county. Just dealing with traffic jams on a daily basis makes you feel at edge. Not to mention the reckless drivers that put everyone at risk of an accident. I learned how to meditate in the mid seventies. Right after my yoga classes, I used to meditate and I was soon hooked with this practice. For me is a very useful tool that helps me deal with stressful situations. I will give away some useful tips on how to beat the traffic stress that makes all us look as rude Angelenos. In the event of someone cutting you off on the 101 freeway do the following: take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for 10 seconds, exhale through your mouth, and repeat for at least five more times. In the meantime take advantage of clearing your mind from negative thoughts, and finally smile. These three simple steps can be used as many times during the day as possible to help you deal with stress as you drive in this one of a kind city.

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