Strive to achieve a balanced life

How difficult it is to achieve balance in your life! My life long experience in mastering discipline has taught me the importance of finding the not so perfect balance in my life. No one is perfect and I bet no one wants to be perfect. But I have to be honest, if you happen to be disciplined you could have a happier, healthier and more productive life. For example, controlling your portions every time you eat, is better than depriving yourself from foods that you like to eat. In my case, I love food and I love to eat. However, I have been able to keep my same body weight since I was in my twenties. What is my secret? I know when and how to eat during the day. For example, I would eat a small bowl of pasta with a small salad on the side at noon, never at dinner! If I am planning to out for dinner, I would eat very little during the day saving the calories for my dinner time. I will keep writing about my simple but effective secrets on weight management everyday, I will keep you posted, and please feel free to comment.

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