Managing neck and back pain with the three 90’s

Throughout the years I have taught my patients and clients the importance of body awareness for prevention and  managing common aches and pains. I have a very simple and easy way to explain how the appropiate posture should be while in the seated position. Latest studies show that we sit an average of 8.9 hours a day everyday. I called it Mariela”s rule of the three 90’s. As you sit on a chair pay attention to the following: First, your shoulders need to be away from your ears, down and soft. Second, your elbows need to be at 90 degrees resting on top of  the arm rest. Third, your hips need to be at 90 degrees. Finally, your knees should to be at 90 degrees. Keeping your joints at 90 degrees will help you with your body alignment and your back will have less load keeping the natural curve of your spine.

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