How stretching can help reduce pain in patients with chronic low back pain.

Latest studies indicate that stretching can help reduce pain in the lower back in people that suffer from chronic pain in this area. Once more these new studies indicate that when patients practice stretching routines they experiment a substantial decrease in pain and discomfort. 

Two weeks ago I read the news on how stretching the neck helps reduce pain and migraines in 75% which are associated with stiff and tight necks, upper back and shoulders.

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“Can you touch your toes?” at the 2012 Book ExpoAmerica New Title Show

What an exciting opportunity to be part of this great book expo in New York City! Lulu is presenting my book ” Can you touch your toes” which is under the category of health, fitness and exercise. If you are in NYC and if you love to read don’t miss this great occasion to find new exciting titles.

Lulu publishers booth is #3476

Pilates Day!

Pilates Day!

Today is Pilates Day!

Side kicks

What a wonderful day for all those who are experiencing the many benefits from the best fitness routine the Pilates Method. Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time in terms of physical fitness. Inspired by oriental disciplines he devised his exercises so that all energy and effort originated from the center of the body. He called it the “powerhouse”. I consider my clients and even myself living testimonies of the amazing rewards that we enjoy from this revolutionary method.

What other fitness program can help you with posture, body mechanics, spinal flexibility, breathing and balance? None other than Pilates. As I explain to my new clients it is never too late to embrace this discipline because it offers levels to choose from to suit every person needs and goals. There are not limitations to this program of exercises. I have had great results among people affected with cancer, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, back and neck surgeries.

Start today and experiment the advantages of practicing Pilates regularly. Feel good, rejuvenated and restored after every session.

Empower yourself with Pilates!

Top ten tips for a healthy family.

Defining good health is easy, it’s a sense of well-being, a balance between your body, mind and spirit.  As a mother of two grown ups I feel that parenting has been a great experience. Easier said than done being a good parent takes plenty of time, effort, commitment, knowledge and sacrifice.

I had the fortune to have two great parents both very different from each other but with the same determination to help me evolve into the best person that I could be. Despite their differences, there were three things that both shared in common that I also implemented as I was raising my kids:

  1. Good and nutritious food. Our meals were freshly made everyday with the freshest ingredients( both my parents used to go to the local farmer’s market to find the best ingredients). I also enjoy my grocery shopping trying to find only the best of produce and my kids know how to make the right choices too.
2. The power of exercising and stretching everyday. Both my parents did calisthenics, yoga, swimming, rowing and horse back riding. They never suffered from neck or back pain. They carried themselves in a way that expressed self-confidence. Good posture is essential to prevent  body misalignment. It is not an easy task to remind your kids to stand straight, but at the end all the effort is worth it.
3. The transcendental meaning of self-discipline. How to control your emotions, your reactions and your thoughts. Both my parents had a very rough life. My dad  was in a concentration camp during World War Two, and my mom was an orphan. Teaching your kids the power of resilience and discipline will help them  be strong as they face all the challenges in life.

4. The last 7 tips are from my experience.  I reinforced the value of accepting yourself with pride. No one is perfect but we can always be better in every aspect of our lives. Self image is very important, one vital step is keeping your weight under control by eating right and definitely by controlling the size and the amount of  the portions.

5. Being a 24-7 good role model. Kids are the vivid image of their parents and their home values. Be in sync with your husband to avoid  confusions and misunderstandings. They have a great memory when it comes to remind us of our mistakes.

6. Hygiene is vital for keeping a healthy body. One habit that I always reminded them was : wash your hands as soon as you get home, before eating, and after doing any kind of activity or sport. Carry anti-bacterial soap or wipes in your purse or back pack. Besides personal hygiene I taught them to keep their rooms tidy.

7. Body awareness is vital in keeping your body healthy. Listen to your body, don’t force your body, if something feels wrong, stop  immediately. You can save your kids from injuries and  unnecessary aches and pains just by teaching them to pay attention to their bodies, specially if they are physically active.

8. Positive attitude, value yourself and your positive attributes so people can value you as well. Go with the flow. Laugh it off.

9. Love is essential in your life it nurtures your mind and spirit. Love yourself first, your family, your country and choose a job that you love. Volunteer and give back as much as you can. Treat others well and avoid being judgmental.

10.Be grateful for everything you have, specially all those things that are priceless not the material things. The practice of simple meditation helps you relax and enjoy the present. With or without music, indoors or outdoors or in a quiet or a crowded place meditation is a great source for peace and mental health. My kids love to relax and unwind with music.

I hope these tips will be useful for parents to follow and a real eye-opener for those seeking for a little advice.

Work out video of the Day: Shaving the Head – Pilates

Pilates Training – Shaving the Head exercise

Level: It depends on how much tension you can have in the springs. The more tension the harder.

Targets: your arms, your back and your core as you keep your torso stable. You will feel the most effort in the back of your arms (triceps).

Repetitions and sets:Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

This exercise is one of my favorite Pilates routine, because it targets one of the most important body part in a women’s body : the back of the arms.

Work Out video of the Day: Core Training – Part 3.

Level: intermediate if you roll half way down. More advanced if you roll all the way down. Keep your chin close to your chest, lengthening your neck.

Targets:core muscles, abdominal and back muscles. Also stretches the back side of your thigh and your back.

Reps and sets: do 2 to 3 sets of 10 repetitions in both sides.

Tips: if you have a sensitive tailbone use pads to cushion the area of your back. If you feel any discomfort in your back do not roll back too much, always avoid lower back pain.

Work out video of the Day: The Teaser

The Teaser – Pilates Training Exercise

Level: intermediate to advanced. You need to know how to engage your core so you can control your lower back as you roll down to the bed. If you have a bad back or your core is not strong enought avoid this exercise.

Targets: your entire core, arms,back and legs.

Reps and sets: one or two sets, 5 repetitions each.

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